Again, Again


Can there ever be another

when you tell me it's all over

I'm a stubborn kinda lover

when you're gone I rediscover

I'm alone and can't recover.


I want you again, again

unable to find you in all this rain

when you leave, I'm left in pain

to search for love again, again.


Soul touching is the question

nothing real to place a bet on

cuz the smell of you was right on

I will miss you now that you are gone.


I’ll find love again, again

I ask myself what did I gain

love you left and that’s a shame

I needed love not all this rain.


It's how I feel after a break up

again, again until I wake up

love is what I want to drink up

but not from an empty cup.


There's nothing left here to explain

I wanted love without disdain

again, again I won't complain

when love is gone hope will remain

that love will come again, again.






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9inety's picture

I hear it now

you sing the tune

it has real bluesy feel

while I moan on my mississippi saxaphone



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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Three Year Late Answer

Thanks for the comment, 3 years late, Dylan. Hope all is well ~S~

Lady A


INKSTAIN's picture

How often this rings true

How often this rings true "love leaves me with an empty cup" ever wanting to be filled the firsst stages are never satisfied only when our cup is overflowing we understand but silly us always believe there will always be enough to go around till the cup seems half empty rather than half full. Loved the write. Clarity is a gift. Thankyou. 

allets's picture

May Your Cup

...always runneth over. You are wecome for the clarity. To many hugz 4 U - :D ~allets

Lady A


Affirmation's picture

I agree with the previous

I agree with the previous comment... reading this I thought it was very lyrical, it has quite a heavy bass feel.

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Joe Jackson's "Fools In Love"? or other? ~ Allets

Lady A


Morningglory's picture

I'm thinking this could be a

I'm thinking this could be a song, Lady A. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Good Thought

Just have to copywrite and get an orchestra and bass player :D ~your friend, allets

Lady A