Monthly Archive for July 2013

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Balanced Relationships Poem metaphorist Jul 29th
Spangler Poem saiom2 spangler angler strangler Jul 29th
Untouchable Poem saiom2 1 Jul 29th
Google Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Spun Of The Sun Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Levity Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
A Flock Aflame Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Symmetry Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Diamond Necklace Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Double Standard Of Human Chauvinists Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Gentle Bhutanese Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Verbs From Nouns Poem saiom2 Jul 29th
Among the Stars Poem jesusismyking25 breathe, Earth, stars, Walk Jul 29th
Recant Poem allets 2 Jul 29th
Footnote: Relocation Poem Starward Jul 29th
A million pearls shine for her eyes Poem Astral_Tides 4 Jul 30th
To build a foundation Poem Scandalofgrace 2 #building #strength #reduced #loss #worth Jul 30th
Fire and ice Poem Scandalofgrace 2 #love #girlfriend #kiss #cigarettes #smoking #fireworks Jul 30th
once, he had me eternally Poem Morningglory 2 Jul 30th
Dust Poem Letterscreatewords 2 Jul 30th
For the past Poem Letterscreatewords 1 Jul 30th
When Forever Ends Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Smiled Ever So Shyly Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Maturity's Misfortune Poem TheNightmare13 2 maturity college growing up childhood parents misfortune humor funny Jul 30th
I Don't Get Why It Has To Be This Way Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
I Want You So Bad I'll Go Back On Things I Believe Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
The Norm After the Storm Poem Silver__lining 8 Jul 30th
She IS Something to Lose Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Higher & Further Then Any Wings Ever Could Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
All I Will Ever Have Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
For My Pride, Not You Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
By The Actions You Choose Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Tupperware Poem Scandalofgrace Tupperware Jul 30th
Be Patient & Believe Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Preceding; Before I Write- Poem SoulKritiC 1 #telepathy #intuition #chosen #evoking #spirits #manifestations Jul 30th
If You Never Make Two Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
As Much As I Miss You Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Nyquil & Promethazene Poem Silver__lining Jul 30th
Loneliness Poem TheNightmare13 1 lonely alone life judge judgemental judges fear faith god God hope hopeless suicide criticized drown drowning analogy Jul 30th
Reliving Summer Days Poem Silver__lining 8 Jul 30th
A father of faith Poem Scandalofgrace father Jul 30th
The Sacrifice Poem circleofstars 1 Jul 30th
Cheater Poem Heather96 lying relionships cheaters Jul 30th
Banana pudding Poem Scandalofgrace 2 Banana Jul 30th
Polio Poem bishu Jul 30th
We are one bonded with lust Poem Scandalofgrace 2 #Love #Adoration #Sex Jul 30th
Edifice - 5 Poem bishu Jul 30th
THE SCARVES OF ALL HISTORY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 30th
All In Our Minds Poem tasha860 2 Jul 30th
TAYLOR SWIFT Poem vani13 inspiration Jul 30th
SELENA GOMEZ Poem vani13 inspiration Jul 30th
JUSTIN BIEBER Poem vani13 inspiration Jul 30th
INDIA Poem vani13 CULTURE OF INDIA Jul 30th
everything in between too Poem arindhol Jul 30th
caged emotions Poem 9inety 1 Jul 30th Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 30th
it hurts Poem Nadine_18magdy 2 Jul 30th
LEAVING MY LOVELY Poem rabherself82 5 grief Jul 30th
Kiss of Death Poem DreamingNightmares 5 #Love #Selfharm #Hurt #Suicidal #Dark, death, kiss, mislead, sad Jul 30th
Smiles only hide so much. Poem DazedByLife Jul 30th
Simple Thing Poem allets 2 Jul 30th
Fight me Poem wantingthatrelease 2 #fight #anger #love Jul 30th
Twinkle Of Delight Poem saiom2 allloving, bright, delight, eyelight, twinkle Jul 30th
. Poem Letterscreatewords 3 Jul 30th
Ireland Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
Embattled Poem allets Jul 30th
Hypnotist's Love Poem TheNightmare13 1 hypnotist love hate dark sad mean evil controlling confused inversion contrast Jul 30th
Swimmer Poem allets Jul 30th
Bradley Manning Poem saiom2 1 Jul 30th
Raccoon Rights Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
I am a Poet Poem DreamingNightmares Jul 30th
Crowning A Man King Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
Note to Self: I Forgive You Poem metaphorist 1 Jul 30th
Counterfeit Love Poem metaphorist 1 Jul 30th
My Beautiful Foothills Poem Roman3luvs14 Jul 30th
43 Ways To Help Trees And Forests Which Cool The Earth Poem saiom2 magazine, newspaper, recycle, reforest Jul 30th
66 Reasons Not To Mow Down Lawns Or Fields Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
No Love Poem allets 7 Jul 30th
26 Brief Drug And Alcohol Tales Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
The Tiger And The Dragon: What India And China Can Learn From Each Other Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
His Eyes Poem TheNightmare13 4 eyes love inlove beauty attraction Jul 30th
Myriad Reasons To Stop Eating Animals Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
Blood Sweat And Tears: Ingredients In The Flesh Of Murdered Animals Poem saiom2 adrenaline, aneurism, animal fat, BALDNESS, cancer, e coli, female hormones, heart disease, stroke, trioxypurine, uric acid Jul 30th
Growing Numbers Of Mormon Vegetarians And Vegans Poem saiom2 Jul 30th
Serial Killers Had Animal Abusing Childhood Or Teen Years Poem saiom2 1 Jul 30th
32 Weight Loss Ideas Poem saiom2 2 Jul 30th
Hayleys Poem Poem Hopelesswriter87 happy, love, relationship Jul 30th
Never forgotten Poem Letterscreatewords 2 Jul 30th
Allets~ Dearest Friend In A Morsel Of Time Poem Muin 6 Jul 30th
The Assassin's Heart Poem TheNightmare13 1 assassin heart evil bad cheat cheated church God analogy metaphor life consequences Jul 30th
会議- A Haiku Prose kiba meeting haiku poetry mystery friends friendship uneasiness fear japanese japan flower Jul 30th
Beyond Poem nightlight1220 4 truth Jul 31st
Propagating Peace Poem trumpet7 Jul 31st
Long Distance Poem WordIdealist 2 long distance relationships, love, Poems, POETRY, relationships Jul 31st
Pretending With Issues Poem WordIdealist 4 emotions, love, Lust, sex Jul 31st
Love Poem WordIdealist 3 Jul 31st
Death trap Poem Morningglory death, letting go Jul 31st
Love, A Little Late Poem life_used_to_be... 9 Jul 31st
There Is Nothing Left Of Peter Poem PeterChristophe... 8 Jul 31st
Disconnect Poem Addisonluka 3 Jul 31st
Sometimes.... Poem MRDIGGLER Jul 31st
Quiet madness Poem Addisonluka 1 Jul 31st
Beautiful Poem Roman3luvs14 Jul 31st
Twilight of Midnight Poem Roman3luvs14 2 Jul 31st
Be The Change (Set Yourself Free) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 31st
Teach The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 31st
We Are One Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 31st
Be Free or Die a Slave Poem Karen900133038 3 Schmidt class Jul 31st
Blessed Are The Dreamers Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 31st
Find You Poem DaveBrowder Jul 31st
Sons and daughters of god Poem Letterscreatewords Jul 31st
I am so confused right now Poem Scandalofgrace #love #confused Jul 31st
Sour Sweet Poem orYans_belt sugary taste Sour Candy Jul 31st
Attached Poem WordIdealist 2 Attached, love, Love life, past, poem, POETRY Jul 31st
Beloved Poem WordIdealist 2 beloved, love, poem, POETRY Jul 31st
UnderDog Poem WordIdealist 2 Motivational, poem, POETRY, Underdog Jul 31st
Irony Poem WordIdealist 1 Irony Jul 31st
First Love Poem WordIdealist 1 FIRST LOVE, love, poem, POETRY Jul 31st
Limbo Poem HuliganFish 3 Jul 31st
Important Poem FiyeroTigelaar love relationships free verse happy Jul 31st
Bell curve Poem SSmoothie 4 Jul 31st
From Darkness to Darkness Poem KingofWords Darkness Nothing Falling Death Pain Jul 31st
Shake That Phat Poem ramonathompsont 6 Jul 31st
Oil spill on my skin Poem halfblooDoc Jul 31st
At A Morning Walk; A Beach, Spring Break; Shoeless Poem Starward Jul 31st
You Don't Believe In Love Poem ramonathompsont Jul 31st
Debbie and Eddie Poem randyjohnson family, friends, Non-Fiction Jul 31st
breath Poem FindingLife loss Jul 31st
My Anxiety Poem Envy Jul 31st
"Amoroso" (Amourous) Poem Pav Love Blues Hopefull Wordplay Jul 31st
THE UNSEEN Poem emmenay A spiritual poem Jul 31st
WHO CARES! Poem emmenay Quatrain Jul 31st
Eve Poem Letterscreatewords 2 Jul 31st
God Who Ignites The Night Poem saiom2 ignite night moonbeam touch slight incandescent ascent descent Jul 31st
Charmers Poem saiom2 charmer armor harmer Jul 31st
Me Poem jessie2376 1 Jul 31st
Catch and Release Poem metaphorist Jul 31st
This Road I'm On Poem MissMeWhenI.mGone Jul 31st
18. Subway Car Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
17. My Old New York Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To Poem metaphorist 2 Jul 31st
Dissappointment Poem MissMeWhenI.mGone Jul 31st
Wash Me Clean Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
15. Keep Your Enemies Closer Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
14. The Gold Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
13. Remember to Breathe Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
12. Pendulum Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
11. When I'm an Old Man Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
10. Sleeping With Myself Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
9. In the Next Room Poem RudyPoetryColle... 2 Jul 31st
8. Mexican Movie Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
7. My Crazy Love Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
6. A Shock of Color Poem RudyPoetryColle... 4 Jul 31st
5. Silent Film Eyes Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
4. Give Me Mine Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
"The Parable Of The Great & Terrible Fisherman" Poem The1TrueMojo Jul 31st
3. Desire Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
2. Chameleon Poem RudyPoetryColle... 1 Jul 31st
1. Swinging from Chandeliers Poem RudyPoetryColle... 7 Jul 31st
12. Dropping Anchor Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
11. Albee in Belize Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
10. Treasure Chest Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
9. Stranded Poem RudyPoetryColle... 1 Jul 31st
8. Up All Night Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
My Father's Tears Poem DazedByLife Jul 31st
7. Alone Together Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
6. We Fancy the Dark Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
5. Our Drunken Nights Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
4. Sun Down My Back Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
3. Paralyzed in Paradise Poem RudyPoetryColle... 1 Jul 31st
2. Riptide Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number Poem DazedByLife Jul 31st
1. Slave to My Desires Poem RudyPoetryColle... Jul 31st
A bit insecure Prose humanpulse Jul 31st
The Tribe Prose Sivus civilization, Diplomacy, fiction, History, War Jul 31st