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Fountains and streams dry as dust


Fallen dried raindrops wrought my life to rust


Staring at the ceiling my feet can't touch the floor


Given up on given up I can't give anymore



Sands of time have buried me so deep I can't breathe


With clouds of toxic fumes I've been killed like a weed


Discarded like a piece of trash in a dirty landfill


I have been dried of all my strength and all of my will



I hear a soft knocking right outside of my door


The wolf's teeth of hunger I have nothing to feed anymore


Soon I hope that it will just dry away return to dust


Like the dryness that I find in trust



I went fishing in a dry lake the other day


All of the fish had been dried all away


A nothing left to eat but one skinny dry bone


Guess it must be for the sin that I must atone

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The arrogent woman

Was she always arrogant towards men
or is this a nightmare i'm stuck in
and why is she not arrogant towards me

Last night she blossomed in front of me
exposing her love seductively to me
I was immediately enamored
and grabbed her tightly feeling the warmth of her heart close to mine
something i had not felt in years

And still I wonder
why shes so arrogant towards men
but not towards me

She was the most emotional woman
I had ever met in my life
she helped me express my love
like how birds sing to their lovers

And still I wonder
why shes so arrogant towards men
but not towards Me

I touched her silky dark hair with my bare hands
that ached to touch a beautiful woman
but never got the chance until now

I swept away her bangs to reveal a skin so fair
so perfect it was as if an artist had created her
I kissed her gorgeous lips which tasted like rich chocolate
and i succumbed to the pleasure
i held her tightly the entire night

And still I wonder
why shes so arrogant towards men
but not towards me

In the morning as the sun shown over our bed
she revealed why she is arrogant to other men but not me
My eyes started to water as i listened to her explain

she can not be arrogant to someone like me because I lived most of my life
with a broken heart without hope or meaning to my life

she is arrogant towards every other man
because a man broke her sisters heart
and her sister could not bear it
so she killed herself

Spoon By Spoon

Spoon By Spoon



 I dig my grave spoon by spoon


It will be ready for me soon


I’ll get rid of the memories I’ve saved


I’ll lie down in my shallow grave


I’ll cover myself with a blanket of dirt


It will be so thick it can’t be penetrated by hurt


No one will know where I lay


No one can visit that way


I’ll be at peace unto myself


Blend in with the earth until none of me is left

No Ordinary Artist

She is an artist

but shes different

she uses metal paintbrushes

and a living canvas full of paint

see her paintbrushes are razor blades

her paint is but one colour

a colour crimson red

see her canvas is her wrists and hips

she covers them in kisses and hugs

there just not the kind you think of

see her paint is already in the canvas

she just has to let it out

let it show her emotions

every crimson kiss and razor blade hug

leaves a great artistic impression

a cut today a scar for the rest of her life

see she is an artist

her perspective is just a little different

see her razor blade was her paintbrush

and her wrists and hip

they were the canvas of her heart 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how i see myself with what i do that most people dont approve of

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