pa and ma

I have a wonderful mom and dad

we sometimes fight togethor and get mad

but we laugh about our sillyl fights after that


this is all because i love them and they love me too

they have to advise me and i sometimes have to argue

but after that, everything's fixed and we're cool

cuz they love me and i love them and that love is pure and true


mom and dad, GOD Bless you

 please stay and never leave me 

cuz i always i miss you,

 i know that  you love me 

and you know that i love you


a dad's hug and a mom's kiss

is there anything better than that gift?

words are too little to tell, how much am grateful 

and how much am in their love's debt


i can't express my feelings by words only

i never have to worry cuz they never make me feel lonely

my actions should speak and prove to them my honour

my respect and my love mostly...


i'm sorry about all my mistakes and my faults

i should have never done any of them..and listened to your warns

 i know you are worried about me cuz you are my folks !!! 

i love you and i adore you pa and ma <3

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Wonderful to see a young girl appreciate her parents.  HOpefully you let them read you poems.


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thank u so much :D yes i do

thank u so much :D yes i do appreciate my parents :) am glad u liked the poem !! 

Nadine Magdy <3