Fountains and streams dry as dust


Fallen dried raindrops wrought my life to rust


Staring at the ceiling my feet can't touch the floor


Given up on given up I can't give anymore



Sands of time have buried me so deep I can't breathe


With clouds of toxic fumes I've been killed like a weed


Discarded like a piece of trash in a dirty landfill


I have been dried of all my strength and all of my will



I hear a soft knocking right outside of my door


The wolf's teeth of hunger I have nothing to feed anymore


Soon I hope that it will just dry away return to dust


Like the dryness that I find in trust



I went fishing in a dry lake the other day


All of the fish had been dried all away


A nothing left to eat but one skinny dry bone


Guess it must be for the sin that I must atone

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