Monthly Archive for December 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Relentless Ambition Poem cozzy20000 3 friendship Dec 12th
City Lights Poem dasweetyjd Dec 12th
Break-Up For The Breakdown Poem dasweetyjd Dec 12th
just have you near Poem geneconner2008 Dec 12th
no one can compare Poem geneconner2008 Dec 12th
Just the feeling Poem geneconner2008 Dec 12th
Letter From a Maiden to Her love Poem jaela 1 Dec 12th
مقالة نقدية موجزة للسيدة سارا النواف حول روايتي القصير Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Dec 12th
وجهة نظر الاستاذ محمود الغيطاني بشأن روايتي القصيرة : ف Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Dec 12th
جوابي على مقالة السيدة سارا النواف النقدية وسؤالها حول Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Dec 12th
Mr and Mrs Gossip Poem jgupta Dec 12th
'05 A Lighter Shade of Red Poem Joel Dec 12th
overcoming soldier Poem justme4him 1 Dec 12th
Inside out Poem laury2k4 Dec 12th
Baby Poem laury2k4 Dec 12th
La divinité de l'homme Poem mabdeljalil Dec 12th
ألوهية الإنسان Poem mabdeljalil Dec 12th
*** همسات حائرة *** Poem Noor Dec 12th
The eye of a photographer Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 12th
The infusion of the soul Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 12th
Byproduct Poem perception Betrayal Dec 12th
He Says He's Sorry Poem poetjewnita 1 Dec 12th
Inspiration Poem MatthewWayne Culture/Society Dec 12th
Crush and Flow Poem strumbles06 Dec 12th
أمنية Poem ثناءدرويش Dec 12th
فراشة حيرى Poem ثناءدرويش Dec 12th
Promises, Immortalized by Love Poem tula Life/Living Dec 12th
There Was a Door! Poem tula Life/Living Dec 12th
Looking Into Your Eyes Poem underlovelyeyes Dec 12th
Untitled -- 12.11.2005 Poem vilbe Dec 12th
!!! يا غضي الإحساس !!! Poem asaihati Dec 13th
!!! ماني رخيص !!! Poem asaihati Dec 13th
Randomness. Poem brokenfairy Dec 13th
Trapped Poem brokenfairy Dec 13th
"No Other Way" Poem christopher_ryan Dec 13th
Last Night- (The Highest Pedestal) Poem christopher_ryan Dec 13th
A Utopian Society Poem doktoravalanche Culture/Society Dec 13th
Comprehension of a Higher Power Poem doktoravalanche Spirituality Dec 13th
A Utopian Society Re-Echo Poem doktoravalanche Dec 13th
IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME Poem elliot_jordan2003 Dec 13th
Why Did You Poem elliot_jordan2003 Dec 13th
CO NONSENSE Poem elliot_jordan2003 Dec 13th
Bailarina del salsa Poem ese2002 1 Dec 13th
EVEN IN DEATH Poem ese2002 Dec 13th
Kingdom above Poem fighter4life 1 religion Dec 13th
Vampire Poem geneconner2008 Dark Dec 13th
kill the pain again Poem geneconner2008 Dec 13th
very soon Poem geneconner2008 Dec 13th
Zelda Poem geneconner2008 Dec 13th
Untitled -- 12.13.2005 Poem h_town_poet 1 Dec 13th
our little secret Poem h_town_poet 1 Dec 13th
"To Outlast This Cold" Poem jade_moon Dec 13th
"Distant Days" Poem jade_moon Dec 13th
"Another Friend" Poem jade_moon Dec 13th
موقع اصدقاء القصة السورية Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Dec 13th
For one and all Poem jgupta Dec 13th
I Am On My Own (Until I Get Home) Poem joelcarter_86 Dec 13th
This is true love Poem juggalettebabi2005 Dec 13th
Pain Poem kwiley472 Dec 13th
MY LOVE I THINK OF YOU Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 13th
CHRISMAS PRESENTS Poem ladydp2000 Children Dec 13th
MEMORIES COME IN Poem ladydp2000 Pain/Sorrow Dec 13th
MEMORIES COME IN Poem ladydp2000 Pain/Sorrow Dec 13th
IT TAKES A TURN Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Dec 13th
PETER AND ALICE Poem ladydp2000 Short Story Dec 13th
THEY FOLLOWED THE STAR Poem ladydp2000 Holidays Dec 13th
MY LIPS REPEAT YOUR NAME Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 13th
MYSTERIOULY Poem ladydp2000 Poetry/Writing Dec 13th
T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2 Poem ladydp2000 Short Story Dec 13th
CHRISTMAS GREETINGS Poem ladydp2000 Holidays Dec 13th
THE BOOK Poem ladydp2000 Short Story Dec 13th
*~!Broken~Angel!~* Poem lilfairygurl Dec 13th
"A perfect despaIr!" Poem Nediot 2 Dec 13th
Repeating History Poem mysterypoet Dark Love Dec 13th
Invisible Poem mysterypoet love Dec 13th
undone Poem no_ordinary_chick Dec 13th
These Eyes Poem poetictragedy000 1 Dec 13th
It's Hell Missing You Poem silverstar 1 Dec 13th
Minus Ruth Poem spf 1 Dec 13th
Educated / Breaking the Girl Poem strumbles06 Dec 13th
I Remember Poem tjmonk15 love Dec 13th
Eyes Poem xpossessedsoulx Hate Dec 13th
Murder Poem xpossessedsoulx death Dec 13th
Atrلs no te dejaré Poem amores Dec 14th
El tiempo para llorar expirَ ya Poem amores Dec 14th
banana and power Poem arindhol 1 Abstract Dec 14th
Doors Poem babblin Dec 14th
The wisdom of the world Poem babblin Dec 14th
Thoughts Poem babblin Dec 14th
Whisper me a song Poem babblin 1 Dec 14th
No Faith Poem babblin Dec 14th
Walking Again Poem babblin Dec 14th
Stop!! The sun is rising Poem babblin Dec 14th
Cold heart Poem babblin Dec 14th
Wisdom (Incomplete) Poem babblin Dec 14th
Balder's Garden Poem bobby_2825 Dec 14th
Hang My Head and Pray Poem bobby_2825 Dec 14th
Written For Him During His Birthday Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
You're Not Here Poem brokenfairy 1 Dec 14th
I'll Never Be Ashamed Of You. Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Complete And Utter Death Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Heaven's Door Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
I See Hell In Your Eyes Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Nothing I Can Do Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Flashbacks. Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
What's Love Got To Do With Me? Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Leave Me Alone [Him] Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Don't Let Me Go. Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
The Butterfly Is Gone. Poem brokenfairy Dec 14th
Running away..... Poem cookie192 Abuse Dec 14th
Deep Feelings!! Poem cookie192 Depression Dec 14th
Confused Again about you!! Poem cookie192 confusion Dec 14th
Your Atlas Poem crashintome_319 Strength/Courage Dec 14th
Blank Canvases And Dry Brushes Poem dasweetyjd Dec 14th
Goodbye Friend, Goodbye Brother Poem dasweetyjd Dec 14th
Hindering Baggage Poem dasweetyjd Dec 14th
Tired Poem deathflavoredgum Dec 14th
Alone Poem MrEternity 4 Suicide Dec 14th
Goodbye Poem MrEternity 2 Dark Love Dec 14th
A Thousand Miles (revised from original) Poem MrEternity 4 Lost love Dec 14th
Death Poem MrEternity 4 death Dec 14th
Fool's Game Poem MrEternity 3 Bittersweet Dec 14th
What If Poem MrEternity 2 Existence Dec 14th
I'm Sure Poem MrEternity 1 Memories Dec 14th
Smile Poem MrEternity 2 Dark Dec 14th
Told In Tears Poem MrEternity 8 Poetry/Writing Dec 14th
Cocaine White Poem MrEternity 4 Drugs Dec 14th
Chapter 1 "The Beginnings" Poem erlking Dec 14th
history Poem eternity Dec 14th
14th Poem fallenangel78 1 Passion Dec 14th
Secrets by Abundance Poem fallenangel78 shyness Dec 14th
Zelda-before Poem geneconner2008 Dec 14th
victory Poem geneconner2008 Dec 14th
Twenty-ninth of November Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Gone and Unclear Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Periwinkle Poem jackie_lyn 1 Abstract Dec 14th
Skateboard Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Moonlight Glitter Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Passion Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
My Life Poem jackie_lyn 1 Abstract Dec 14th
Like Snow: Version 2 Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Life Is How You Make It Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Your Heart Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
Red Poem jackie_lyn 1 Dec 14th
مقالة بحثية في طبيعة العلاقة المتجذرة ما بين العلوم ال Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Dec 14th
Foolish Life Poem kiss_yo_luck Angst Dec 14th
Forgetting you Poem kyoksil Forgiveness Dec 14th
Sestina ng pasko Poem kyoksil Celebrations Dec 14th
A Secret of Sin and Paradise Poem mellykins Dec 14th
Pain pills Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 14th
Asshole & excuses, Poem ozzypoemgirl Imagery Dec 14th
Nacho Cheese or Not Yo' Cheese Silly Ditty Poem pamschwetz 2 Dec 14th
What is a friend?... Is It In You? Poem poetjewnita Dec 14th
What I Want Poem poetjewnita Dec 14th
The World Is A Lonly Place Poem poetjewnita Dec 14th
Perfect Eyes Poem rairai Dec 14th
From Herself Poem spf Dec 14th
In what hands Poem triplehhh Being Loved Dec 14th
Christmas Cheer Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 14th
You Are (Everything I Need) Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Dec 14th
هزني Poem wnature Dec 14th
Hopeless Poem abevelle Abuse Dec 15th
2005-12-15 Poem angelicgothfurry Dec 15th
The Four Seasons Pt. III (Fall) Poem TheHouseOfR Dec 15th
The Four Seasons Pt. II (Summer) Poem TheHouseOfR Dec 15th
The Four Seasons Pt. I (Spring) Poem TheHouseOfR Dec 15th
The Four Seasons Pt. IV (Winter) Poem TheHouseOfR Dec 15th
The Four Seasons Pt. V (Aside) Poem TheHouseOfR Dec 15th
Disruption and Chaos Poem Megsamoo00 Stress Dec 15th
My Distraction Poem chrome_shadows Bittersweet Dec 15th
A hearts cry Poem dee 1 Dec 15th
Throw Down Your Banners Poem doctorwise 2 Dec 15th
Fairly Well Poem doctorwise 1 choices Dec 15th
MOM Poem doyle51209 2 Dec 15th
I missed you today Poem dreayeya Dec 15th
The turtle song Poem fighter4life 2 Pets/Animals Dec 15th
Reverse Convalescence Poem followinlove Dec 15th
Apology, always, your friend Poem followinlove Dec 15th
Rapacity Poem followinlove Dec 15th
KEEP Poem geneconner2008 Dec 15th
Zelda-haunting Poem geneconner2008 Dec 15th
Zelda-curse Poem geneconner2008 Dec 15th
Zelda-end Poem geneconner2008 Dec 15th
Life Undone Poem jenmoves8 death Dec 15th
Outlandish Maya Poem jgupta Dec 15th
I-Pod Poem jgupta Other Dec 15th
miles apart Poem jons_angel Dec 15th
A GRUELING PATH Poem kittymonkey 1 Dec 15th
No rest Poem kyoksil Stress Dec 15th
family? Poem niltak Dec 15th
why is it... Poem niltak Dec 15th
Sweathshops and shit Poem oompaloompa129 Dec 15th
(not done yet) Poem oompaloompa129 Dec 15th
Reprsent Yourself Poem oompaloompa129 Dec 15th
DVD & CD burners why were they invented? Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 15th
To Love Me Poem Steelprincess 1 Dec 15th
Her Sparkle Poem poetictragedy000 Dec 15th
Slow Motion Poem spf Dec 15th
Ends Poem strumbles06 Dec 15th
The Righteous And The Unrighteous Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 15th
كل يوم يا مصر Poem t_almamlouk Dec 15th
X-Words Poem ultimprv 1 Dec 15th
Love Note Poem ultimprv 1 Dec 15th
number 0 Poem voighdt Abstract Dec 15th
Confusion Stops Poem xpossessedsoulx Loneliness Dec 15th
Suicide Song Poem xpossessedsoulx Suicide Dec 15th
Just Fade Poem xpossessedsoulx Breaking Up Dec 15th
Vanity, Self Stricken Poem _jennita_ 1 Dec 15th
De improvisto Poem amores Dec 16th
Little White Lies Poem bluecollarclay Decisions Dec 16th
just one more Poem emerald_eyes Bittersweet Dec 16th
All along Poem fighter4life 2 religion Dec 16th
And Once Upon a Time Poem Aloris Lost love Dec 16th
Danger Is What Poem Aloris Anger NonViolent Dec 16th
Without a Title Poem Aloris Awakening Dec 16th
A poem about a little girl Poem geneconner2008 Tributes/Odes Dec 16th
eXcellent girl Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
queen of my heart Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
killer Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
exgirlfriends Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
x on the side Poem geneconner2008 War Dec 16th
Quest to find Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
I regret Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
Quietly sitting Poem geneconner2008 Dec 16th
قصيدة نثرية : عيد ميلادي Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Dec 16th
Friendships Gift Poem jenmoves8 In Memory Dec 16th
Long Days Poem jesusmyjoy Dec 16th
Every Confession... Poem joelcarter_86 Dec 16th
When I..... Poem jwc82490 love Dec 16th
Perfect Poem jwc82490 love Dec 16th
When I Met You Poem jwc82490 love Dec 16th
Why? Poem jwc82490 Depression Dec 16th
A young struggle Poem kyoksil Strength/Courage Dec 16th
Taking little sreps Poem kyoksil Strength/Courage Dec 16th
I'd Rather Be with You Poem maybethistime love Dec 16th
The enigmatic she...revisited Poem maybethistime Breaking Up Dec 16th
The gift of writing Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 16th
Seizure mediation Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 16th
UNWAVERING SERVANT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
GLORIOUS PIONEERS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
In every little thing. Poem phantomsheart 2 Dec 16th
DOES ANYONE EVEN HEAR ME? Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Suicide Dec 16th
يرضى القتيل و ليس يرضى القاتل Poem yaramo Dec 16th
Two Words Poem _jennita_ 1 Dec 16th
Watching you, Wanting You Poem _jennita_ Dec 16th
Quote from a song Poem _jennita_ Dec 16th