A Thousand Miles (revised from original)

A thousand miles from anywhere,

Still thinking about your eyes.

You're the only one to ever care,

Now you hate me for my lies.

I wanted to bring you joy,

and all I brought was pain.

I have managed to destory,

All the things that kept you sane.

I'm sorry for all I took,

But there's nothing I can do.

When I turn around and look,

All that I can see is you.

I stand a thousand miles from anywhere,

Staring you in the eye.

The only one who ever cared,

And I had to make you cry.

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Carolyn Theisen's picture

OMG i can really relate to this poem in a way i want my ex to read this because maybe he will finaly see what he did to me we were ingaged then it all ended when he broke my heart

Carolyn Theisen's picture

hey death eternity this is carolyn and i really like this poem it says a lot

Athena LaFlair's picture

wow. You really feel bad for hurting this person don't you? It shows. They should give you credit for that if nothing else. Feeling regret shows you care...even if it is too late.

Kayla Strait's picture

hey that was soooooo good great job!!!