Two Words

"Can you get me a pop?" she asked

as she watched him walk away

she watched him sleep with his arm around her

and crush her heart the next day

Hes the boy everyone has had a crush on

the one you dont get over

the one you always want to love

and you want to stay sober

just to remember his face

that look in his eyes

but that isnt your place

and your heart slowly dies.

Holding hands and stroking thighs

Locking lips and locking eyes

the lowest low and highest highs

longing hugs, and unending cries.

It was all a dream

except the pain

that was real.

and I wonder

what would it have taken

two little words

kiss me?

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nameless's picture

Very good, very good indeed. To be honest though, I didn't like the ending too much, but everything up until the last line was superb. It was very heartbreaking to read, especiallu for anyone that has loved and lost.

Good Work!