Long Days

Question poems

The days seem long inside my mind,

When will the day come for me just to unwind?

Do I live right?

Or is there another way.

Can I cross over Jordan and not be the same?

Are You working inside me or am I still plain?

All the work seems for nothing,

things just stay the same.

Inside me is what I want changed

But the heart inside seems to be a lonely flame.

The fire You set inside doesn't seem to go anywhere,

Most of the time I still wonder if Your there.

Will things change inside my heart?

Should I stop, or keep calling You,

and pray You won't depart.

Why the wrong thoughts,

motives and parts?

Do I play a role, or is this just the start?

Let me hear You deep in my soul,

Because sometimes Lord,

I just don't know.

©Betty Bolden


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