Deep Feelings!!

Sometimes when Im alone I think to myself why?

Why am I like this? Why dont I care and think why do I cry?

I cry because Im angry, I cry because nobody cares!

My heart has been broken forever, the only piece of my heart thats still attached is the love for my friends!

My friends are the best, My life My 2nd family.

They were there from the beginning and still here til the end.

My heart can take only so much, the pain that I suffered is hard to explain. Nobody knows how it is to be me cause they are not me, Im me and unsure of me.

Its all a game! Life starts out normal,easy...In the game im the pawn piece, My parents move me around place to place. Then out of no where life starts getting hard and down the path i end up in a black HOLE, what a shame!!!

People do have a rough life but some say why there life is rough and up and down, but my life has no shape or form, its a circle that goes around.

The truth is where ever i go makes no difference cause i know ill be back to me in an instant!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote at age 16...very very depress that age

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