The Butterfly Is Gone.

The butterfly is gone,

The sun stopped shining,

The sky is not clear any more,

The flowers stopped blossomed.

The fairy is dead,

The light is gone,

Darkness and torment is all that remains.

I touched your face, I sense a chill…

I remember how you loved me still,

And how you always suffered,

Why did I have to lose you?

Was it just to understand that life without you has no sense?

How could you love me so much,

When I didn’t even want to listen to you?

And now, because I lost you,

I wish so much to hear your voice…

I would give everything if I could,

To be your love again,

Even if death took you away,

I’ll love you ‘til the end.

For all I did,

I’ll pay forever.

Knowing that I had love,

And I lost it.

The love is gone,

The flame is dead,

Leaving ashes were

A flame was lost.

The sun is dead,

The darkness rules my soul,

Tormenting my heart…

The butterfly is gone

The fairy is dead…

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