Cocaine White

White coated veins don't run like they should

You've been blown for so long that it stopped feeling good

It looks like the world is covered in blood

Cuz it is

It is.

Your nose won't stop bleeding, your friends say your fine

Don't worry baby, take another line.

You feel like your lips have gone too numb to talk

Well they did

They did

And the world is turning, or maybe just your head

You can't tell anymore if your alive or your dead

And your crying out for your parents

Cuz you're still a kid

A kid

Was it worth that high to throw away your life?

Death hurts worse when it's done without a knife

And the worlds gunna spin a little slower



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Perhaps a song if I get around to writing more on it.

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Essence Scott's picture


what genre would it be in?

Natasha Schmidt's picture

As an excoke addict, I can totally identify with this poem. You did an amazing job giving light to the darkest side of it. Kudos!

Devin Harter's picture

Deliciously remorsful..
I love the pure raw emotion put forth...
Another great piece of prose..

Athena LaFlair's picture

another great poem. (or song) I like how you showed the negative side of drugs and what they can do.