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Music playing and listening to and on the odd occasion writing it too, drawing and art, writing poetry and shopping. I also enjoy dancing or walking in the rain.

Most of my poems are mood poetry just because I find it difficult to write when I am in a good mood.
I think that poetry is a form of releasing pent up frustration, or whatever you might be feeling inside. When I write poems I try to show exactly how I am feeling at that moment in time.
More stuff about me can be found out by talking to me on hotmail if you have it. If you dont then just message me, I am happy to talk to anyone.
PS...i love rammstein!

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It's just there i guess. Its an innie but that is all you are getting :-P

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Sometimes things are not as they seem.

Faith is like a cup of drink, the older you get the bigger the cup and the harder it is to fill.


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