Shrouded in a cloud of mystery and lies

Wooed by a sweet talker who only means to make her cry

With his fake promises of her very first date

Every time she is stuck on her couch left to wait

For her corrupt prince who will never arrive

Instead he prefers to party and get high

All her friends try to save her and pull her away

But the cold truth will not make her emotions sway

Constant disappointment resides deep in her heart

But deep inside she knows from him she cannot part

Some fixation she has, some deep attachment to her man

Although he only comes by to get from her what he can

Physical lust is what keeps this ill-fated couple alive

I wish it were like Romeo and Juliet, but only he'd die

My arduous journey to help my friend has come to a rest

Because she will never leave, to save her is hopeless

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