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Walton NY

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drinking playing on the computer

I am a complete pyro and love to burn everything.
Hey Beth, Joe, Felicia, Ricky, Erica.
There's not much to know about me. I live in a complete hicktown in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a bunch of christian s.I get up, go to school, get , come home, smash , and then go to bed to do it all over again.
soon, after my senior year in high school i will be enlisting in the United States Army as a Calvary Scout.well lets add some stuff. Now im done with basic and im at FT Stewart training up to deploy to iraq

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It's hole in my gut. Its useless. Whats the point

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If you dont like me go to hell
Life sucks, but we have to live it anyway
Theres only two jobs in the army 19D and wannabes
Life sucks then we die-whats the point

If God wanted everyting to be perfect he would have made clones of Jesus
Why join the Navy, you really want to be dressed in white and be called a seaman all the time


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