The hog tied by one leg is resting for now but its

Throat is open to the knife. The first fire man created

Was used for roasting rabbits not for the light of wisdom.

Our House of Sorrow comes from us living with moles;

We dug out our pain from killing all the animals in these

Dens; creating a world of smelly bones and tried hiding them

During the months the lamb carried its progeny in the womb

The demiurge gave us a taste for unborn baby lamb; we could

Not wait until its throat was exposed to our gleaming knife.

Whenever there is a lot of everything there is trouble and death:

Lemmings love their cliffs; mosquites, their bats and the buffalo

The hunter’s gun.  Too many snowflakes lead to suicide.

Many souls are in hell for the disturbance caused here and the

Banquets given; live lobsters had to plunge in boiling water for

This banquet and many eyes were pierced by fish hooks.

The horses of sorrow are always frantic; they are afraid of burning

In the barns where they see the rooster going over all aspects of

His beheading and so many throats are open to our gleaming knife.

The fatted calf is prized and for this is exiled into a wooden crate and

Given a liquid gruel.  Neither Abraham nor Moses can undo our karma

For choosing this gueling path carved out by our gleaming knife.

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S. N.S's picture

I had only read this line;-)
'Neither Abraham nor Moses can undo our karma'

Only we can...