"Another Friend"

This person was as common as me or you.

Maybe not as common, but he was a man.

Who in my eyes was my dream come true.

But he tore out my heart while holding my hand.

A few weeks ago he was my dream reality.

But the days passed slowly and hes begun to fade.

Going from being real, to just another memory.

And with my heart is how the debt got paid.

I've been here one, okay two times before.

Always seeming to land back here at square one.

After each time I promised I wouldnt do it anymore.

As a matter of fact I swore that I was done.

But just like before I did it all again.

Falling for that smile and the tears you cried.

Here I am watching myself fall for another friend.

Believing it was real, and denying that you lied.

Here I go burying my own head in the sand.

I even stopped listening to my own hearts shouts.

Up in the clouds content with not thinking about how to land.

Im riding this night sky, and Im shunning all the doubts.

But in the end Ill be the only one who's lost.

Because I put everything I had into my friend.

Even without truly understanding the high cost.

And like before theres no you, Im left alone in the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another friend, always another friend...-JM

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