Confused Again about you!!

Me still being young and confused, I dont know what to do.

Everything you say v.s what they all say, WHAT IS THE TRUTH??

Everything I ever wanted I had, but why cant I have you.

Even If Im too young, unexperienced or even old, I still believe that maybe I can see all the good things you do for me.

Thats only how i feel sometimes. Other times I dont even wanna hear your name, I think I can do better then you and if im wrong, I would feel ashamed.

In the end I dont think anyone should say your to blame.

Alot you say I could believe, But I live off the Info I receive, but i believe that your one to try to turn something impossible into your dream. WHY ME?

Im sorry for my actions. I would hate to see your reactions.

Will you still say Im beautiful If i got fat. Would you leave and never come back?

What if i really did would you move on or would you stay and think where will ill be if shes gone??

Everything you say V.S what they say of you. I dont know the truth, but if you say you still love me in the end Ill know you'll be more then a friend and if what they say is true then i know that everything that was said was YOU!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About this guy, I still dont know the truth, but i moved on eventually!!!!

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