To Love Me

To love me is to love all of me. Not some image of what you think I am, or Illusion of what you could make me. Nor some phantom of the girl i use to be. Love me for what I am now, the differences you see, the quirks I present, the challenges i create and face everyday. For the The seeming endless acts I display, whether for play, sad, or loving..

Love me for the sound of my voice, soft in the morning when you wake me, child like and gentle midday. Sultry with sleep by nightfall.. Love me for the morals and convictions I hold dear, and the faults that i inevitably have. Love me for the secerts hidden behind whiskey eyes, but loving me you failed. For what reasons, unknown. You lost your way with me. Forgot what it was about me that captivated and drew you....

You in the end saw only what you could make, and mold.. Forgot what it was that had been the reasons of your hold.. In the end, you forgot to love -me-

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Jonathan Bedford-Forrest (brigadier)'s picture

Dearest angel,
I am so proud of you. your words are ot only beautifully written, but your emerging inner strength also shines through. I'm sure, My star will have tears in her eyes when I share this with her tomorrow.

My only suggestion?

Concentrate on Angel and expand on the many qualities that make her so very, very special...make this an open letter to all who would love you, and in no way an empowerment or acknowledgement of the person who caused you pain.

you are loved...loved by all who truly know you. Draw strength from that love, take pride in the knowlege of the many friends who truly love you, meet life's many travails with your head held high, safe and confident in the knowing that you are, indeed, truly a teasure, a gift gratefully accepted and never ever altered by everyone you touch with your captivating smile, sweet gentle grace, and warm loving spirit.