every mother gives birth to death

gives the will to stick out your neck

gave the mind to earn knowlage

also the diversity

that on a day to day baces we see

the ability to live a life of your own decisions  

the ability to kill and steal what another has given

and gives the need and will  to sin to not olny us but our kin

shell put us through hell

but ur fundraiser shed sell

the olny person u could tell

the olny person who was there whin u fell

whin sick us she made well

with the easter bunny she did con

...thanks mom

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Interesting and very true. Speaking of interesting and true I made a knew poem called "Rage In A Cage" and I'll tell you why I made it the way I did later in a not so public place where no one else can read it cuz it goes to a very ,VERY touchy place with me. So check it out...I'm gonna go break some necks.

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that was an awsome poem and very sweet