What is a friend?... Is It In You?

What is a friend ?

Can somebody tell me?

Do you have friend meterial in you?

Maybe you will know what to do.

Girlfriend lunches

Maybe brunches

Or catch a matne

Girlfriend talk; you'd

make sure those words

wouldn't walk to anothers ears.

And you wouldn't bring me to tears.

You'd help me calm my fears.

You'd call just to say hello,

Maybe a couple of fights with our pillow,

You'd lend a shoulder to cry on and

be the first to reasure me that I can move on.

You'd protect me from harm with a gental tug on my arm.

You'd be the first to remind me of wrong.

You'd be there to keep me strong.

You'd be the first to say you can do that to get

me back on track.

That is what a friens is... Is it in you ?

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