The pain is just too much for me.

My heart in an iron vice.

A strangle hold, too tight to move.

Until my heart gives way.

And is crushed by this idea.

An idea of never finding love.

There is no love after you.

My eyes focused...on nothing.

A blank stare, enough to know that I am still alive.

Breathing now, is something that is no longer mechanical.

It needs concentration.

to tell myself...inhale...exhale...why bother?

What is the point any longer?

I could be free.

A stainless steel escape from reality.

No need to live. Why live?

I just wish to fall asleep.

To not wake. Why wake?

There s nothing for me now.

An eternal slumber...eternal...bliss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't really know why I wrote this...I guess because I had a dream that my current girlfriend was going to break up with me. So I wrote it in study hall, and told my best friend that if she did break up with me and I killed myself, that I wanted her (my bestfriend) to read it at my funeral.

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