When I die, don't cry.

Dry your eyes and realize that my prize lies on the other side of this thing called life.

And though I'm not always right, I always try

So when I take my place next to my Lord in the sky

All my pain, suffering, and sorrow will not mean a thing

And I will be surrounded by all the things that mean anything to me

All the places I long to be

All the faces I long to see

Finally surrounded by family

I know this is hard but please understand me

I long for nothing this world has to give you

You can't take it with you

And material ties are as phlimsy as tissue

Plus you only leave this place with what the Lord issued you at birth

So take this for what it's worth

See every day I put in work and even do a little work

So somtimes this hurts

But never once did I lose sight of what I knew to be true

That if you want to change what you see then it starts inside you

So thats what I do

I rage against the dying of the light with my every single breath, untill I have nothing left

And forever stand up for what I belive in

Even in death

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