My Life

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My life is an adventure

A novel written not in paper

A never-ending journey

My life, like any other life

Is full of ups and downs

I can only stable myself for a while

Memories are but dreams

Like faint air blurring through my thoughts

It is sometimes hard to believe

That such events occured in my life once

It is quite unbelievable

And as much as I would love to go back in time,

To correct my wrong,

And improve my right,

I can never go back

Memories are memories

Intangible and gone

All I can do is accept

And live for the moment

Love what I have

Let go of what I don't have

And continue living a content life

Love and romance can wait

Someday I can focus on that

Though future is like past

Not physically there

My life is a novel on its own

Scripted by events

Directed by itself

Part by part

Volume by volume

To be continued...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there's really no continuation. ahahahah XD [original version dated 11/29/05]

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it's a pretty cool piece of writing

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.