Her Sparkle

She was a bright gurl in her past.

There was just this glow,

An aurora,

Around her.

She had friends.

She had loves.

She was popular,

And there was rarely a damn thing to cry about.

But she had hurt herself.

And since then,

All was lost.

Her life tumbled,

Head over heel,

Until it reached it's resting place;

At the bottom.

That's when everyone took notice.

And they really noticed this time.

She was hurting.

Her soul burned for salvation,

And her heart drowned in tears.

That glow she held,

It was gone.

That beautiful sparkle in her eyes,

It had faded.

She was nothing more than a plain, dull gurl,

No more than she was before.

Only this time,

No one saw

How badly

She was hurting.

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