Chapter 1 "The Beginnings"


"I took you in as my son" The lord Dragomir screamed," I made you legitimate, and this is how you repay me."

Raven Seregel stayed silent because he knew it was futile to argue. He knew the royal horseman would get his way. This trial was just a farce to appease the peasants, who could easily rise up against the Lord.

"Why do you not respond, or is it because you are guilty of raping this maiden. I hereby exile you from this castle. You will be killed on sight if you ever return. Do you understand, scum"

"I understand clearly. You want the horseman's daughter for your own bastard son. If she accepts him, all will be fine it the kingdom, but if you choose to force her into it, I will return. If I do, pray to your gods every minute that you have left of your short pitiful lives, because my vengeance will be swift and deadly, so shall it be that none of you survive."

"You dare threaten my life and my kingdom in my own halls. I am the greatest warrior alive, next to the Lord Marshall himself. I who possesses the blessing of Mithralas himself. You cannot kill me." Dragomir screamed out.

"You fool, no god can protect you when Death comes knocking at your door." Raven responded.

"Get out, before I kill you now"

Raven arose calmly and walked out of the lord’s throne room. He retired to his chambers for preparation to leave. He strapped his armor on, and placed his daedric Reavers across his back. Raven was proud of his Reavers, knowing it was one of a kind, a gift from the spirits themselves. He felt small claws dig into his shoulder and turned to see his own personal spirit perched there. Nyorex spoke to him in the thought language of the spirit realm.

<You know they will not heed your warning and go through with the wedding anyway>

"I know, Ny, but then I have moral right to come back and wipe their stain from the face of this earth."

He left the chambers with a final goodbye. He walked into the castle foyer looking into the daylight. Then he stepped forward into the light, and woke up from his dream. Raven sat up and shook the remainder of the memory out of his head.

"Ny, do you really think they would force her to marry the Lord Prince?"


Raven stood up and swung the Reaver's sheath onto his back, and then sheathed the weapon itself. He flapped his wings to put out the fire, the spread them to take off. Once he took off, he flew back in the direction of the Lords castle.

Iroth, the dark elf, looked over at his lover and smiled.

"Serwin, my love, wake up. Time to go make some money."

Serwin sat up and looked around the room. She reached back and tied her long, blonde hair in to tight braid, slipping silver wire in with the hair. After she finished, they both changed into their courtly clothes, him in a pair leather pants and a velvet shirt, her in a full-length silk dress. After they finished getting ready they left their chambers and headed to the throne room. As they approached the door they heard an argument going on inside.

"You shall marry my son, it's not your choice but your fathers" The Lord decreed.

They walked in to see young Prince Tsar holding firmly onto a young maiden. The maiden squirmed and fought in his grip.

"Raven's still alive, I know he is. When he hears of this, he will return and be a whirlwind of death in your halls." The young maiden called out.

"Well that is what this gentleman and lady are for. Iroth, Serwin come sit down and we shall conduct our business. I believe you are considered to be the foremost assassins in the known world." Dragomir stated, gesturing to the pair.

"You flatter us my lord", Iroth replied suavely," we are good yes, but best in the world, I'm sure there's someone better."

"Yeah, Raven," the maiden whispered

"Shut your mouth, whore. It’s because of you I have to have him killed in the first place." Dragomir commented, and then turning to Iroth and Serwin he said," bring me his cold dead corpse, and you will get you payment. I want his body here by the wedding day, and you know when that is."

Serwin bowed," Your wish is our command your majesty."

The pair then returned to their chambers and changed out of the court clothes. They both donned their form fitting black leather suits and various weapons. The left the room, leaving all their other stuff so they could travel lighter, and walked across the moat bridge. They watched as the sun dipped over the horizon and ran into the forest. As night fell, their figures melted into the shadows, searching with unsleeping eyes for the one they must kill so they could collect their bounty.

Taylor Seregel, adopted son of the Lord Marshall of Serephia, mounted his roc Glory in preparation for departure. The king came out, along with Taylor's father, both beaming with pride. The king saluted him before stating his quest.

"You will find me the greatest warrior in the Five Kingdoms, duel him to the death, and bring me his head upon your victory."

"Yes, my king", Taylor replied.

With that Glory spread her broad wings, and took off with a powerful down stroke. Once airborne, Taylor turned off to the east, wondering where to look first, hoping he wasn't flying to his own death.

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