A poem about a little girl

A poem about a little girl

There is this

girl that was sweet.

I love her

even through she

was only with

us for a little while.

She was only

three years old.

She was daughter

of one of my

friends name Christy.

They was in

wreck and the

car that hits

them hits them

on the side

she was on.

She was asleep

so she never

see it coming

towards them she

was going to

someone that could

change the world

but instead that

driver change ours..

So this little

girl name Emma

is now up

there with Jesus.

The driver of

the other car

has died too.

So this little

girl will always

be an angel now.

She was so

cute but now

she lives in

heaven where she

was made from.

RIP 04/04/02-12/13/05

-Gene Conner

December 15, 2005

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