I hate you so much,

I could look into your eyes and murder you,

See the hate conjured by fear,

See the life in your eyes,

Watch a little of it slip away rolling down your cheek,

Let the other piece escape with your blood,

Your eyes become lifeless and cold,

Dark and grey like your bitter heart,

The heart that will never take another beat,

You have nothing to live for,

It was all just a lie,

The pain I bestow on you is torture before relief,

Make your painful death last a little longer to torment you,

Water wells up in your sad eyes,

It's not long before they decide to cry,

I stare directly in your eyes with a happy grin,

I've been waiting so long to see it,

Those eyes staring back at me not out of a mirror,

I'm finally delivering to you the pain I received,

Now I can close my eyes peacefully,

Dreaming about where you are now,

As I can clearly picture flames reflecting in your eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the key 2 murder iz 2 not look them in the eyez...but if u hate sum1 so badd that u can look in2 there eyez n kill them...mayb they do deserve it...

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