He Says He's Sorry

A yell here

A finger in the face

Wish I had mace

Constant complaining

Nothing sustains him

A yell there

Been call everything but my name

Nothing is the same

I know it is a shame


I love him

I want him

He says he's sorry

Things got better

Then came stromy weather

A lunge here

A finger in the face

A lunge there

Nothing is the same

He still dosen't call me by my name


I lone him

I want him

He says he's sorry

Things got better

Then came the stormy weather

A punch here

A punch there

I never thought he would give me his fist to wear

I swear he loves me

With him is where I want to be

My mouth is wired shut


I feel he loves me deep down in my gut

I won't give hime up

So stop begging me

You will see he's the one for me

So leave me be


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is dedicated to my sister. I worry for her, and wrote it cuz she reads my poetry. as i stated most of my well all of my pieses are real life. I want he to see that it is not healthy to be with someone like that. maybe she will see now. i want her to leave him. but she refuses . i want her to stop getting bruses

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lovergirlalone's picture

Hey that is a very good poem that is exactly what my sister lived in and went through with an boyfriend for 2years and she finnaly, left him he acturly almost killed her.

He put her entire face through a glass window and she had to get stitches in her forehead and she had bruises from head to toe, all down her leggs on her back on her front.

~Heather Feazel~