"A perfect despaIr!"

"Am I that easy to forget?"

I only wonder....

for hIm i made a dead set,

i was, the perfect lover!

now I'm totally dispIrit~

with all the memories, i remember!

its a perfect despair~

life isn't fair!

all my wIshes were dispersed~

i shared It all, the love, the care~

I gave it all, i gave my soul~

though he was never there!

my heart was flutter,

now I wonder~ as I shIver~

" am i that easy to forget?"

how such love, could I regret?

why was I, a perfect lover?

while my heart~ apart~ he sat???

I see me bewaIl~

I should've beware~

but~ I was stupId!

no~ i was bewitched~

i should've disbelieve~

in fairytales~

in fantasies~


the death is me~

he made me bleed,

he killed my deed,

he took my need,


I've decIded~

I was diseased~

i was deceived~

I'll put my heart to its bier~

cause In whets called love~

i no more believe!

The end


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عندما اقرأ كلماتك
احسد صاحبها...وبنفس الوقت اشعر بانها تلامس جسدي وتداعب بطريقة خفية روحي....وتحتل مكانا في قلبي ....لا ادري لماذا فهي على الدوام تجتاح امالي ..تذيب شمس احزاني ..اقرأها واراها كانها صور تطرق باب المستقبل..حلم جميل اتمنى ان ارسم معالمه...ان الونه بالوان لا تنتهي .....ليبدوا اكثر اشراقا ..ليغدوا اعمق من كل لون

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i told you i was stupid... i

i told you i was stupid... i didnt see

a Damaged crazy soul