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poetry, writing,philosophy, James Dean ,concerts,animals,going to the zoo,live/movie theater/TV, music, singing, museums, neighborhood fests, the beach or by the river,bird walks, nature walks.I started writing poetry at age 9 and Tin Pan Alley in NYC wanted to use my lyrics to write music to create songs and my mom had to type out my lyrics for me which I was too young to know I need to keep a copy cost money to do but they sent me coupons and my mom thought it was a scam so I had to pass...Anyways, I think I have lots to say rhythmically and rhymingly to be really good lyrics for pop or rock songs to use and spread the word. I feel I have a lot to say. I stopped writing like I used to...but want to share what I have up til now and hope that something can be done with that creative work...lately been majorly inspired cuz when emotions flow so do poems, so adding lots of new stuff lately...anyways wanna get it to pop stars or recording artists that can spread a message with my words and I can actually get residuals from and make some little money from what I want to share with the world...Anybody out there know how to go about doing this? I went to a Cyndi Lauper concert at Tower and she said to keep a notebook and keep writing but did not take material...I need to find out how to submit to any artists out there who use submitted lyrics need to know how to submit them... anyone on the pop/rock scene that I can share my work with ....Anyone just starting out who needs lyrics too...I really just want to do something with these. Please direct me to the next step. Need help.I also have a bunch of poetry/lyrics over at

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