Every Confession...

Hey Bethany, I know your pain

I know exactly what you mean when you say

"I hate it this way"

You've got to stay...

And get over trying to have a perfect life

Hey Chelsea, Yea, I miss you too

All the shit we'll do

You know it's worth waiting for

The second I walk out this door...

So, I "loved" a lot of girls

Yea, I know it sound stupid and for that, I agree

I know exactly what you mean

There was Rachael and Sam and Verina and Clarissa

But I want you all to know

That the one place that I will go

When I get home...

I want to sit inside my room again

I want to fuck around and have a little fun agian

Play AOE while blairing music...so hard

This life has gotten so stressful that I don't know what to do

I can't rely on you

You never call

Don't even seem to really bother at all

I know you're busy, but you're not as busy as me

A dialed number is all I ask for, but no

And I am flying so-low...I guess I'll fall

Hey Sam, I know your confusion

I feel it almost daily

Fuck that, I mean every hour

Every time I hear your name

Said so silently inside my head

You were never really gone

and I knew it all along

We fucked up and thats where we went wrong

How do we make this work agian?  

I want to know...

Am I still so-low?

Hey Rachael, how've you been?

I love to talk to you every time I can

I never forgot what we had and what we felt back then

When we were both young and nieve

But I still sometimes bleed

I think about the times I tried to die

And you're love stopped me inside..

That's the day I died...

We gave it all up and moved on

At least you did, but I don't know

I still remember when I wanted to marry you

And maybe I still do

what would you think of that?

Am I drawing conclusions fast?

I haven't seen you since July

And I barely feel alive

When will I get to touch you...and when I do...

Can I kiss you?

This love is true...

Yea, It's true...

I'd still do anything for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I...just needed to get all that shit out...and I kind of hope that the above mentioned people read this...

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