The enigmatic she...revisited

You are the enigmatic she

Who haunts men and women with her rarity

The one who is a blessing to those who know her

For now a promise is all I can bestow her.

Will you marry me and love me forever?

If you think I could leave you,

I want you to know the answer is never.

As long as I loved you, my words remained true

And I thought I would always love you,

And in a way, I still do.

But dear, if I may call you that,

Though you're still close to my heart,

I know now it's better that we are apart.

You gave me such thrills, feelings I'd never known,

Now I must go out and find feelings of my own.

I may not have known then,

And my argument is that such a thing is impossible to predict,

But I'm sorry I made that promise,

Only to have my feelings later contradict.

Feelings change, I've told you this enough, I know.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to pursue my own trail

Towards what I want and to no one owe.

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