My blood pours cold upon the stone,

I look around I'm all alone.

I reach out for another soul,

but find nothing but an empty hole.

My blood pours forth and I feel the cold,

my life story lies untold.

All my life I was alone,

completely lost and unknown.

As I bleed my life away I think back to another day.

The one day when I was known,

but even then I was alone. All alone, forever alone...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem, written at the age of 12.

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Essence Scott's picture

hey, i signed your guestbook some time ago on 1.18, i believe. anyway,i would have read your work a hell of a lot sooner but Lawrence High School is a bitch when it comes to blocking on the web, so i couldnt get into your portfolio and then i forgot your name and now i have found you...

i have a poem called alone in my portfoliio somewhere, read it if you want to know more about...

i love this...i wrote my first at 14

Sydney Helmers's picture

You have had talent since a young age on day I hope to have half the talent you do

Luscien Cold's picture

wow, sounds lonly...

Carolyn Theisen's picture

hey my name is carolyn and i really like this poem i never thought a 12 year old could write a poem so meaning full