Kingdom above


maybe someday I'll understand

why you love me for who I am

when I pray at night I never forget to say

"I love you", I tell you every single day

but at night I am curled up in a corner of my bed

so scared and paranoid about what I have heard said

and I pray and say "God please help me through

help me know that I am protected by you"


I want to taste your prescence like a summer rain

I want to feel it wash away every drop of my pain

I want to keep that feeling by my side everywhere I go

because I love you in every way, I love you so

I want to see your love in every color in every painting

I want to hear your voice like a church bell waiting

for people to come inside so it can lead them to your unconditional love

and I can't wait till someday you welcome me home to your kingdom above

once upon a time there was a king

who got up on a cross and gave everything

layed his life down for you and for me to live

gave until he had nothing more to give

so if anyone is desperate like I am now

don't ask him why and don't ask him how

because just when you think all hope is lost

a drop of blood will fall down from the cross


I was pacing back and forth across the floor

and thinking about how I couldn't go on anymore

and just then a little bit of blood fell from the sky

and before I knew it the blood was spilling cause you died


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