Balder's Garden


I followed faded footprints


to the shores of Shangri la


where the amber sun and crimson sky


creates a  state of awe


I danced on top of a river dock


tossed turned twisted and twirled


tranquility at ten o'clock


in a mild and moderate world

cicadas sing in harmony

to enlighten, enrich and amaze

almost sounds like a symphony

in the eye of misty haze

theres a violet flow of fresh incense

from the towers desolate fields

the night shall bears no consequence

but to prove euphoria's real

C               D

tumbleweeds and vines

    G      D    C

are gracioulsy entwined


in Balder's garden

crystals fill the autumn sky

and glisten in the waves below

the windmill spins as I try

to reap  magic seeds sowed

from ancient gods of forgotten times

I've come to learn about

through age-old lore spoken in rhymes

from the young bodhisattva mouth

archaic statues stand

intellects minds expand

in Balder's garden

hip hobo's quoted Keruac

while preaching philosophy

I don't quite understand it all

yet I can't help but to agree

to lift my spinning swirling head

and free my spirits soul

let the desert sands be my bed

and my senses rage out of control

castles made of clay

palm tree branches sway

in Balder's garden

with the gypsy wind comes serenity

and a true notion of the breeze

theres a feeling of pure amenity

neath the sweet magnolia trees

a jug band plays "Alabama Bound"

as that shining sun disappears

from the mandolin come a peaceful sound

to soothe all  advertant ears

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