When I.....


When I think of you,

My heart begins to pound.

My mind fades in and out,

As if I could never hear a sound.

When I look at you,

I think that it cannot be.

That someone so beautiful,

Is standing before me.

When I see your face,

You take my breath from me.

It's like I'm frozen in time,

And it's only you that I see.

When I hear your voice,

My heart feels light.

I think that I'd do anything,

To have you in my arms tonight.

And when I look into your eyes,

It's like I'm lost and forever will be.

I just wanted to say I love you,

You're everything to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

originally for an ex-girlfriend, that relationship ended about a year ago though...lol, i still like the poem though.

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