Fool's Game

The cold moon bleeds its light

Down upon a recent fight

Both combatants lie there dead

The scene around is painted red

If both have died, then who has won

The one with the knife? The one with the gun?

Fighting for something none can keep,

The heart of a woman who now will weep.

For she loved them both the same,

yet let them play this foolish game.

Neither has survived the strife

So now she too takes her life...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My shortened version of MacBeth I'm told.

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Ashley Paige's picture

I love it.

Essence Scott's picture

it is, having to read and analyze macbeth in my english class.

Devin Harter's picture

A tortured soul,
A lover's fight,
not worth the enery,
It ends in strife.
Another dead,
damned to eternity,
another misled,
as all will soon be...

delightfull deffinitly a literary tragedy..
Great work... keep it up...

feel free to check my poetry out though not much is on here more to come on soon ... just gotta find em lol