Told In Tears

Tell me why you read this,

Does it have something to say?

Does it touch you so deep,

That you can't pull away?

Is it more to you

Than just words on a page?

Can you taste my emotions?

Can you feel my rage?

I write these words

Just to push them out.

Like some people cry,

Some scream and shout.

My poems are tears,

They are my way

To let out my feelings,

Because it hurts when they stay.

So as you read them

Remember my friend,

These words are only

A means to an end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all of those who can only cry in words.

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Kathleen Eccles's picture

Im not afraid of who you are or who you could be.
My only fear is that your afraid of me.
You may be broken, like I am, for everyone to see
Fear not my friend, if you don't want it, I wont set you free.

You can hide yourself behind those thin walls
I promise you I wont let you fall
I may be a little girl who makes too many calls
just remember I too hide behind thin walls

So when you ask me what Im thinking I wont say its you
I will hide myself but you should know the truth
You can see me - apparently my walls are thin enough to see through
But I wont pretend I don't see Through yours too

Give me a chance - I promise the future is not the same as the past.

Essence Scott's picture

then i can one is my one in irl anyway, except for justin, lee and mags

Sydney Helmers's picture

I love this poem because lately my tears refuse to come but the words will and they replace the tears that are lost. I love your work well all that I have read and think you should write a lot more.

Summer S's picture

I know the feeling, sweetheart. You're a great writer. Keep it up.

Devin Harter's picture

Beautifull perfectly expresses how I feel especially the last 2 lines These words are only, A means to an end. Poety is just that for me... Great work

Athena LaFlair's picture

I really like your work. I understand you here. My friends know that if I am writing, generally I am upset. They figure out what's wrong by trying to sort through the words...

emerald_eyes's picture

i really like this poem b/c it expresses what you really feel inside. i think that you are a great writer keep it up.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

extermely powerful piece and I love the emotion in it!