My eyes frost over and forget how to see

Tears frozen before they reach air and fall

Fall only to shatter far below

Never having the chance to die

On the now cold lips

That used to hold a warmth ;A smile

That smile now lost

Wasted on a bleeding heart

That didn't have the strength

To hold on to itself

Not even for a moment; To live

Living now because the smile

Has died to save that sad

Lost and bleeding heart

Which once so warm; Now sinks

Sinks like a cold

Shattered tear

That never had the chance

To die on warm lips.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A somewhat misleading title if I do say so.

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Essence Scott's picture

love the last lines!

Christein Gooden's picture

I Like this poem... very well writen... But Hey I can get you to smile Bye cutie.