In every little thing.

In every little thing sits a reminder of you.

In a dew drop on the grass,

The moon in the daylight sky,

The rain that i hear on the roof top,

Every little thing is you.

The library in my new school,

the books on the shelves,

the seats, the veiw,

The computer even rimndes me

of my distance from you,

When I close my eyes you are there,

If I'm all alone in silence and dark you whispear in my ear,

When I lay my head down to sleep, it's your arm i feel wrapped around me,

When I wake in the early morning sun, I try to sleep and go back to you,

The only place i can hold you now, is my dreams.

Every little thing from leaf to soil,

from stream to gapping water fall,

from the sun to stars,

from bushe to forest,

Every little thing reminds me of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every little thing is a reminder of how much I love you, and how much it hurts to leave you behind. Ill return to you Alex as soon as i can.

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Mistress's picture

Thankyou Darling. *hugs back*

I hope that one day I wont need reminders I hope one day I'll be able to wake up in you arms once again.

Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

*hugs you* Thats both sweet and beautiful. Maybe one day you wont need these things as reminders, maybe you'll have me.