Some of my

xgirlfriends I will

like to have

back but there

is one I never

want to.

I fell for

her for all

the wrong reason.

My exgirlfriend was

no good I

thought she was

the greatest thing

in the world

until I met

this other girl.

She was lying

backstabbing and yet

I still love her.

Now since she

is my xgirlfriend

she is trying

make me and the

girl I love to

break up by telling

her lies about me.

This exgirlfriend is

never going to get

my love ever again.

This exgirlfriend of

mine is going

to have to

live alone because

she made a

mistake when she

did what she

did to me.

eXgirlfriend that is

no good is

one I donot

want back.

-Gene Conner

December 16, 2005

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