number 0

number 0

while you're pulling fingers from the ice cycles

i'm making time from open aperatures

so in time, you'll learn to follow dead patterns, or latitudes

it all counts down


for all the times we've been alive


and all the rest that's come before


for all the blind who cannot see


i'll tell you what, don't tell me who

in the zoo, i visited a walrus

he spoke unto me many things

of which most i don't believe

we've all been living inside of a cell

as well, my computer was manufactured by dell

i thought to myself, swell

the farmer in the dell computer world

world leaders

lead the world in wrong directions

causing infections

not treating them with a topical ointment

allignment of my sight

i thought it was wrong, turned out it was wright

brothers in arms, open up to me

like a venn diagram

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