Suicide Song

Everything I try to do turns into a catastrophe,

Try to clense my soul and become guilt free,

Grasping onto occurences that stopped mattering years ago,

I seem to have difficulty just letting them go,

On dark, cold nights I decide to go on a walk,

When I feel lonely the voices in my head don't even talk,

I'm heading towards a mental breakdown,

And I cry in muddy puddles until I'm painted brown,

I go crazy and end up hitting my head,

I bleed slowly and it dyes my hair red,

I hear the laughter of the angels in the sky,

My lack of blood gives me some sort of high,

My vision blurs until I go temporarily blind,

Death and suicide race through my mind,

I'm so confused I forgot how to cry,

People aren't ready for the truth so I lie,

I get looks that make me feel as hideous as an ogre,

I'm so scared of people I began to carry a daggar,

I ask for help but no one answers,

So I redirected where I send my prayers,

Somewhere in life I went seriously wrong,

Everything hurts so bad I can't explain it in this song,

You may think you can but you will never understand,

It's hard growing up in a society where suicide is banned,

Maybe if in this country it became accepted,

I could make a poisoness vaccine and inject it.

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