You were young, you were eager
Jumping to start your flight
Everything was an adventure
Everything was right

You pounced upon your fortune
Worked down to the bone
But all the time you spent at work
Gave you time only to be alone

Lonely, maybe, but you had yourself
Refusing to put your dream aside
Eyes constantly set on the goal
Ignoring your foolish pride

Time passed, your fortune grew
You were beaming with satisfaction
But you began growing weary
Was it from your twisted attraction?

Your paper money stacks
All fresh, crisp, and new
Picking them up with a smile
The only family you ever knew

Music played and curtains fell
Was anyone there to watch?
Your passing was but a record
Another simple bedside notch

It was everything you'd fought for
It was the life to which you'd sworn
And now it's just a piece of paper
Fallen, crumpled, and worn

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