Just Fade

Just fade away,

Don't stay,

Your love was just a mirage,

Just stuck me with the shit in your garage,

Without you I can proudly stand,

Don't take a single step onto my land,

You may think I'm a bitch,

But my soul is happy and rich,

I don't give a shit if I hurt you anymore,

You took your last gander through the door,

I should of left earlier but I made excuses over time,


The pain and sorrow was clearly in front of my face,

I should of rid of you at a faster pace,

But I stupidly held on,

Now I am stuck with the scars as life goes on,

Going to sleep knowing that you were a mistake,

For being so stupid I deserve to burn at the stake,

You can wallow in your self pity day after day,

I told you in the long run you would have to pay,

Maybe you are against yourself going out in a slow fade,

But after all the shit I've dealt with your pain is how I get paid,

Being a witch I did curse you,

I chose the right demon to pray to,

If you won't just pack your bags and walk away,

I can be a real asshole and think of a whole lot of shit to say,

After you raped me and cheated on me I want you to go,

Rather then taking you back I would make a date with my dildo,

Becoming a whore would be smarter than dealing with your shit again,

Sorry, jackass, but I don't even consider you as a friend,

After all the pain you put me through I deserve to be free,

I am so much happier just take a look and see,

You don't mean shit to me anymore and I'm sorry,

But let me tell you a short story,

Last Saturday night I went to the hottie's house and I got laid,

So as for you I want you to just fade.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

u dont mean shit 2 me n i dont give a damn if ur happy 4 me...i dont give a shit bout u...

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