One Like Moses

The Nation Israel

As God had passed over Israel, He will lift to Heaven you and me.

Blood was used per God’s Will, on the doors for the angel to see.

Jesus Christ was the one to fulfill, that blood today for you and me,

On the cross on Calvary’s Hill, Christ shed His blood for men see.

Without the blood that was shed, there’s no remission for our sin.

Like Israel, so filled with dread, from their darkened hearts within,

All men are indeed spiritually dead, and must die because of sin.

But Christ died for all men instead, so His Spirit can reside within.

Israel was within a darkened land, a land of much pain and strife.

They were moved by God’s hand, to the Promised Land full of life.

As we look back and understand, we today live in a world of strife.

Today we look to The Son of Man, in whom we can gain New Life.

God saw Israel in time of need, and sent Moses to help His nation.

He sent Moses as one to lead, and to bring Israel to His Salvation.

Through Moses God had freed, the peoples of His Chosen Nation.

Once again He will send His seed, to show them Eternal Salvation.

One like Moses is God’s Son, His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Christ was God’s Chosen One, sent as God’s Lamb and Sacrifice.

In Christ all was said and done, when God paid the ultimate price.

And once again Christ will come, to lead all nations to Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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