Written For Him During His Birthday

All this innocence scarred by your representives.

These virginities desecrated by the benevolence of your filthy smell.

Your so-called 'search of saluation' just to satisfy your corruption.

You abolish what you want the most and succumb to these pleasures which are forbidden to you.

That you forbid yourself of knowing.

This divine creation just to follow a goal that you don't know.

You follow a master just to forget your weakness.

You chose the way of religion but you chose it because you're scared.

All these orgies made of unknown sexuality smell surround you, you're delirious.

From here, the hand of this bastard rape and masculine being crushes you.

This young people knelt down in front of these men, humiliated and hurt just for their vices,

Having forgotten the intelligence of illusion...

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