Last Night- (The Highest Pedestal)


Last night felt just like a dream

now as I'm remembering, the details

of your skin, the color of your eyes,

blue inside of mine, laying next to you,

holding my breath, for as long as I could

not wanting you to leave, Our thoughts

on rewind, reminded of the way it used to be

keeping all other feelings at bay, for the sake of

trying to save each other from something

even more awkward than the fact, that We were once

friends then lovers, and what since then, has become,

but yesterday was more than just about, what was

despite the tears that we shared together, in my bed

and even those there, after you left, alone with myself

it felt good, to relive, because when you told me you loved me

I know that you did.  

I hope that it's something you never forget, because

even as your life, leads opposite of mine, know that in my heart i will carry you always, no matter what happens.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Jena Ashley Michels, on the Eleventh of December. As far as pedestals go, there can be none higher, than you.

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