The Righteous And The Unrighteous

God's Sovereignty

The Righteous And The Unrighteous

The righteous and the unrighteous, God sends down rain on both of us.

And all men my friend, are but dust, and Christ alone is Righteousness.

Blessings are poured down from Him, on those who turn from their sin.

Why do the wicked seem to flourish, when God they don’t even cherish?

But this, the Age of Grace my friend, for all the wicked soon shall end.

God’s Wrath shall then be poured, on all who chose to reject The Lord.

This is a time for all men to embrace, The God above the Age of Grace.

So God will save them from the path, of Christ’s future Righteous Wrath.

Righteousness is only found in Him, in Jesus Christ who died for our sin.

The love for man is why Christ came, to save men from the eternal flame.

And friend only through Jesus Christ, can a sinner enter into Eternal Life.

For it was totally of God’s Grace, that on the cross Christ took our place.

Friend, when this Age of Grace is done, every eye shall see God’s Son.

And that will be the end of all sin, when Righteous Judgment will begin.

When all of those who would not trust, Jesus Christ shall return to dust.

Men, who delighted in wickedness, will be destroyed by Righteousness.

For only Righteousness shall remain, when Jesus Christ comes to reign.

Friend there will be no wicked fool, under Jesus Christ’s Righteous Rule.

They shall all be dealt with friend, with a Righteousness that has no end.

For in The Kingdom, there’s no place, for those who reject God’s Grace.

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